You Met Me POAPs

Best practices for You Met Me POAPs


“You Met Me” POAPs can function as Web3 business cards – a growing digital rolodex of the connections you make as you grow your personal network. They can also be a nostalgic keepsake to look back on years or decades later; some of the most important memories in relationships are the stories of how you met.
After collectors mint your POAP, they hold a precious digital collectible to commemorate this meeting, which leads to deeper, lasting connections. Link your social handles to make it easy for people to stay in touch.
When reviewing your drop, the Curation Body will designate whether it qualifies as “personal use” or “commercial use.” If your POAP is deemed commercial use, you may need to pay a fee. Please read our Commercial Use Policy for more info.

Tips for success

  • Plan ahead; get the art and copy ready at least one week before you want to distribute your POAP and submit it to the Curation Body for review.
  • Choose a creative design that is eye-catching and showcases what you are all about.
  • Don’t promise your POAP to everyone you meet. POAPs are precious collectibles!


Who should distribute “You Met Me” POAPs?
Anyone who wants to provide a moment of delight for people they meet and create a permanent record of that meeting!
How should I distribute “You Met Me” POAPs?
The simplest and most secure method is to request "mint links" when setting up your POAP Drop and then use a POAP Kiosk on your phone or an NFC-chip-enabled card.
Patricio's sleek You Met Me POAP from September 2022.
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