Livestream POAPs

Best practices for distributing POAPs during livestreams


Issuing a POAP during a livestream can help communities discover their most active members in order to further reward or engage them. Attendees to your event receive a nice takeaway; a collectible that marks their time spent with you and others with shared values and interests.
Livestreams include, but are not limited to, online events such as Twitter Spaces, Discord calls, live podcast recordings, and Twitch and YouTube streams. Of course, there is a near-infinite amount of this content floating around cyberspace! With something so commonplace, it can be difficult to determine when a livestream is worthy of a POAP. Typically, POAPs for livestreams should be reserved for occasions that are unique, such as special guests, anniversaries, premieres, etc.
POAPs for daily Twitter Spaces or other recurring events, or for events with especially large audiences, may not be approved or the POAP Curation Body may designate your POAP as commercial use and you may need to pay a fee. Please read our Commercial Use Policy for more info.

Tips for Success

  • When creating your drop, be specific about the platform where you are hosting your event, expected attendance, and why this event is special and worth commemorating.
  • A POAP Secret is often the recommended distribution method for livestreams; to help ensure a smooth minting process, make sure attendees have downloaded the POAP app beforehand. Also check out the POAP Help Center articles on guidelines for Secrets and how to play the numbers game in the POAP app.
  • Don’t ask for more POAPs than expected attendees. POAPs are precious collectibles! If you end up running out of POAPs, you can request more after your event to distribute retroactively. Make sure you track attendees in a reliable manner so you can safely distribute POAPs afterwards if needed!
  • Plan ahead! Don’t create your art and/or submit your drop at the last minute. The Curation Body may not be able to review your drop immediately and also may have recommendations for how to improve it.
  • Choose a creative design that is eye-catching and showcases what your brand is all about.


Who should distribute POAPs during livestreams?
Any industry, org, community, or individual can potentially drop a POAP during a livestream.
Do you want to drop a POAP because you are ecstatic about this moment that you’re sharing with others? Sounds like a good idea!
Do you want to drop a POAP just to bring attention to your event? Or is this one of many similar livestreams you have hosted? Those might be signs it’s not the best time for a POAP, or your POAP may be considered commercial use.
How should you distribute POAPs during livestreams?
The most commonly recommended method is a POAP Secret. Make sure your Secret is sufficiently random and difficult to guess, and keep the minting window down to 15 minutes or less. Check out the POAP Help Center articles on guidelines for Secrets and how to play the numbers game in the POAP app.
Another option is POAP Checkout, though with this method anyone can purchase your POAP including people who may not have actually participated. POAP Kiosk is also an option if you have screensharing capabilities on the platform where you’re streaming your event; if you intend to screenshare a QR code for minting a POAP, you will want to use POAP Kiosk instead of a standard POAP Website.
What are the drop size limitations for POAPs during livestreams?
The POAP Curation Body considers a variety of factors when determining the allowed size of drops for livestreams, including:
  • Overall quality and expected reach of the event; higher quality drops are more likely to get approved for more POAPs.
  • Size of social media following and/or size of the company/org/community hosting the livestream.
  • Date social media accounts were created.
  • Expected attendance/attendance at any past events.
  • If the event is ticketed/private, or open to the general public. Private/internal and ticketed events have a higher likelihood of being approved for a larger amount of POAPs, as the defined set of collectors can more easily be determined by tickets sold or the size of the community/company hosting the event.
  • Issuer history; if an issuer requests a lot of POAPs but has had low mint rates on previous drops, the Curation Body may allow fewer POAPs than requested.
  • Any affiliated communities or events, which are reviewed by the same criteria listed above.
  • Note that especially large drops often fall under commercial use.
Why might I be charged for dropping a POAP during a livestream?
Please review our Commercial Use Policy.
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