🏫Issuer Responsibilities

Expectations for POAP issuers

The Proof of Attendance Protocol is dedicated to preserving memories and creating richer connections. POAP issuers play a key role in maintaining the quality of the POAP ecosystem and helping it grow. This page provides an overview on how to be a responsible issuer.

Protocol Preservation

Responsible issuance is a core responsibility of POAP issuers. Issuers must verify attendance of collectors at events and/or collector eligibility for POAPs.

For issuers, if your POAP is minted by people who should not have collected it, you no longer have a reliable record of who shared this memory. For collectors, your digital collectible now feels less precious. It can ruin the fun for everyone!

Good Citizenship

The POAP Community is built on mutual respect; each participant is expected to follow a mutually agreed upon code of conduct. In addition to the POAP Terms of Service, good citizenship includes the following:

  • Assume goodwill from curators! The Curation Body aims to help everyone using the protocol in good faith. This work isn’t always easy. Please communicate with respect and empathy.

  • Practice de-escalation. If there is conflict between issuers and curators, look for common ground. Escalating the conflict with attacks or pressuring curators in a public forum, such as social media, will lead curators to halt all communication and reject your drop.

  • No spamming, including repeated requests for huge amounts of POAPs, repeatedly creating poor drops, or sharing POAP mint links broadly with little concern of who may mint your POAP.

  • Never impersonate a POAP team member.


Memories are humanity’s most valuable asset. POAP takes their preservation very seriously. See the Reason Codes section of this website for further info on crafting high-quality POAPs.

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