👁️Drop Review Process

After an issuer creates a POAP using POAP Drops and submits a request to distribute it (most commonly referred to as “dropping a POAP”), the Curation Body will review the request using the criteria outlined in the Reason Codes section of this website. The outcomes of the review can be any of the following:

  • Approval (without comment): In the best-case scenario, curators have no objections to the preparation or execution of a drop. The issuer receives an email that confirms the drop is approved, and they are now able to distribute their drop via any number of preferred distribution methods (see our Distribution Guide for more info).

If a request cannot be approved without comment, curators may reach out to the issuer (via the email linked to your account) for the following reasons:

  • Approval with education: The request is approved, but curators email the issuer some additional resources on how they could improve next time.

  • Partial approval: The request is approved, but for fewer POAPs than requested. Typically this occurs due to concerns about secure/proper distribution; as an issuer, make sure you are requesting an amount of POAPs that is close to the expected number of collectors!

  • Conditional approval: In some cases, a request may be approved with relatively minor changes to the drop (content or distribution). After an issuer makes these changes, the request will be approved.

  • Request for Information (RFI): In other cases, additional information is required by curators to make a decision and they will send an email to the issuer requesting more information.

  • Rejection: If a request is rejected, issuers are notified via email with the reason for the rejection and actions to correct the issue. Learn more about this in the Reason Codes section of this website.

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