🀝IRL Meetup POAPs

Best practices for distributing POAPs at an In-Real-Life (IRL) meetup


A IRL β€œmeetup” could include any number of recurring social or networking events, such as book clubs, game nights, TV watch parties, study groups, supper clubs, bike rides, hikes, bird watching, or common interest groups like investing or painting.

Dropping a POAP at one of these events is a great way to help people remember it and for everyone to stay connected! If you host a recurring event, consistently dropping POAPs helps identify and reward your most loyal attendees with a nice collection of precious collectibles.

After the event is over, you can encourage attendees to attach event photos or other media to the POAP with POAP Moments. Collectors can also check POAP Family to discover which POAPs they have in common with others.

Tips for Success

  • Include specific information in the POAP description and title about the event. If it is a recurring event, mention that.

  • Choose a creative design that is eye-catching and showcases what your event is all about. Your collectors will appreciate it.

  • Secure distribution is important! For IRL meetups, the recommended distribution methods are a POAP Kiosk, NFC-enabled disc or card, or manually distributing mint links. In some cases, a static QR code may be appropriate. Individual mint links can be printed as QR codes and incorporated into swag in any number of inventive ways. See our distribution guide for more info.

  • Check out our "Tips and tricks to creating POAP artwork" article for more guidance.


What are the drop size limitations for POAPs at IRL meetups? The number of POAPs you request should match the approximate expected attendance to your event. Use your best judgement, and info such as RSVPs or previous attendance (if the event is recurring).

If you anticipate you may need to distribute some POAPs after the event, be sure you have a way to reliably record who attended -- but it's typically more fun, and secure, to drop your POAP when your event is live!

Why might I be charged for dropping a POAP at my IRL meetup?

Size, quality, and purpose of the drop are all contributing factors for why you may be charged to distribute your POAP. For more info, please review the Curation Body’s Commercial Use Policy.

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