When an issuer requests a POAP, they can expect an email response from the Curation Body within 72 hours. Sometimes, curators reject a drop and provide guidance on how the drop could be improved in order for it to be approved.

A drop may be rejected for various reasons, which are outlined in the Reason Codes section of this website. If an issuer does not agree with this decision, they can provide additional context and/or submit an appeal by completing this form or by using the chat bubble found in the lower-right corner of all POAP websites.

A respectful, professional, and collaborative relationship between issuers and curators is vital for the health of the POAP ecosystem. The foundation of this relationship is a mutual understanding of the guidelines and issuer responsibilities published on this website.

Ultimately, the final decision of whether a drop is approved rests with the POAP Curation Body, as the stewards of the POAP ecosystem.

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