๐ŸŽ‰Product Launch POAPs

Best practices for dropping a POAP as part of your product launch


Appropriate distribution of a POAP during a product launch accomplishes a variety of goals. This type of POAP can reward early adopters and supporters, who now have verifiable OG status in your community and can be given access to merch, exclusive content or events, and more, in perpetuity.

When you drop a POAP during a product launch you are gifting people a digital collectible to commemorate and remember this moment forever. If the moment itself does not stand alone as something worth remembering, then it might not be a great use case for a POAP!

Tips for Success

  • When creating your drop, be specific about the product you are commemorating and why this launch is important.

  • Ensure you have a reliable record of who should be eligible for your POAP and a secure distribution plan. Donโ€™t promise your POAP to everyone. POAPs are precious collectibles!

  • Get the art and copy ready at least one week before your launch and submit your POAP to the Curation Body for review.

  • Choose a creative design that is eye-catching and showcases what your brand is all about.

  • Check out our "Tips and tricks to creating POAP artwork" article for more guidance.


Who should distribute POAPs for product launches?

Any industry, org, or team can drop a POAP to commemorate a new product they are launching.

Do you want to drop a POAP because you are ecstatic about this moment that youโ€™re sharing with others? Go for it!

Do you want to drop a POAP just to bring attention to your product launch? That might be a sign itโ€™s not the best time for a POAP, or your POAP may be considered commercial use.

How should I distribute POAPs for a product launch?

If you want to package a POAP for the first purchasers of your new product, printing unique QR codes or embedding NFC chips are excellent options. Get creative with your packaging!

If you are having an IRL launch party, use POAP Kiosk or NFC chip-enabled IYK discs.

If you have an on-chain record of the first users or purchasers of your product, you can whitelist wallet addresses for a POAP Delivery.

What are the drop size limitations for product launch POAPs?

The POAP Curation Body considers a variety of factors when determining the allowed size of product launch POAPs, including:

  • The overall quality and expected reach of the product launch

  • Size of social media following

  • Size of the company/org/community launching the product

  • Expected event attendance (if a live event)

  • Expected number of purchasers of the product

  • Expected number of users of the product

  • Issuer history

When reviewing your drop, the Curation Body will designate whether it qualifies as โ€œpersonal useโ€ or โ€œcommercial use.โ€ If your POAP is deemed commercial use, you may need to pay a fee. Please read our Commercial Use Policy for more info.

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