👭Contributor POAPs

Best practices for rewarding contributions with POAPs


A “contributor” POAP is distributed to those who make meaningful contributions to a project, organization, or cause. This type of POAP can be a delightful reward to show appreciation for the time and effort of a group of people, while also connecting them as the exclusive owners of a precious digital collectible.

Great examples of contributor POAPs include volunteering at a beach cleanup, working on a movie shoot, participating in a research study, writing open source software, beta testing a new product, or speaking at a conference.

Tips for Success

  • Include specific information in the POAP description about the contribution that makes a collector eligible to mint.

  • Assess the contribution after it has taken place; the POAP should thank the contributor for a job well done, not a job you hope they will do.

  • Document who contributed in a meaningful way. If there are many people who made minor contributions, limit the POAP to those whose contributions were the most meaningful and POAP-worthy (see FAQ on meaningful contributions below).

  • Choose a creative design that is eye-catching and showcases what your project or cause is all about. Your collectors will appreciate it.

  • Secure distribution is of the utmost importance! (See FAQ below)

  • Check out our "Tips and tricks to creating POAP artwork" article for more guidance.


How do I assess meaningful contributors?

A meaningful contribution can mean any or all of the following:

  • Possessing a high level of knowledge, skill, or proficiency

  • Devoting significant time, energy, and/or resources

  • Collaborating well with others to enrich the collective outcome

  • Demonstrating strong leadership qualities, providing guidance, and/or motivating others

  • Consistently performing at a high level over an extended period of time

  • Inspiring others

Who should distribute “contributor” POAPs?

Anyone who has a project, organization, or cause in mind – and a reliable record of meaningful contributors they want to reward!

How should I distribute “contributor” POAPs?

These types of POAPs should almost always be distributed manually, either by directly sending mint links or distributing unique QR codes. Secure distribution is important so that only those who actually contributed receive the POAP. If you have a reliable record of wallet or email addresses, mail merge or a POAP Delivery is also a possible distribution option.

What are the drop size limitations for “contributor” POAPs?

Contributor POAPs are typically smaller in numbers, though it depends on the size of the project. If your potential list of collectors is in the hundreds or thousands, you may need to narrow it down to only the most meaningful contributors, or your drop may be classified as commercial use.

Why might I be charged for dropping a POAP to someone who contributed to my project, organization, or cause?

Size, quality, and purpose of the drop are all contributing factors for why you may be charged to distribute your POAP. For more info, please review the Curation Body’s Commercial Use Policy.

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