🎁Distribution Guidelines

The chart below is a rough guide to preferred different distribution methods, based the type of event an issuer is hosting.

Distribution Guide Key

  • Mint links: unique URLs that enable the minting of a single POAP from a specific drop. One mint link should be sent to each collector.

  • POAP Kiosk: a rotating QR code that can be displayed on a device, such as a tablet, that changes each time the QR code is scanned to mint a POAP. This method requires mint links and a device with a stable internet connection.

  • NFC chips: NFC technology allows collectors to tap their phone to a physical device to mint a POAP.

  • POAP Secret: A secret word or phrase that, when entered into the POAP app, mints a POAP.

  • POAP Website: A URL that, when visited, allows someone to mint a POAP.

  • Printed QR code: Static QR codes that, when scanned, mint a POAP.

  • POAP Delivery: If you collected Ethereum addresses or ENS names from your attendees, you can create a whitelist via POAP Delivery. This will allow your attendees to mint their POAP at a dedicated page. You can find out more about how to set up a Delivery here.

  • POAP Checkout: Allows attendees to buy a POAP by accessing a dedicated page for your drop and paying a fee.

  • Guild: If you are using an online platform such as Discord to host your event, you can use Guild’s integrations to easily distribute POAPs.

  • Revv: A streamer-oriented platform from a third party that allows you to distribute POAPs securely.

  • Mail merge: The best way to distribute POAPs using email addresses is emailing each recipient a mint link.

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