Petition Review Process

Initial Review

After an issuer petitions the Curation Body to drop a POAP, the petition undergoes a manual review by the curators. Reviews have several possible outcomes:
  • Approval (without comment): In the best case scenario, curators have no objections to the preparation or execution of a drop. The issuer receives an email that confirms the drop is approved.
If a drop cannot be approved without comment, curators may reach out to the issuer (via the email provided when the drop was set up) for the following reasons:
  • Request for Information: In some cases, additional information is required by curators to make a decision about the petition.
  • Conditional Approval: In other cases, a drop may be approved with relatively minor changes to the drop (content or distribution). After an issuer revises their petition as requested, the drop will be approved promptly.
Drops are rejected when they are conceptually too far out of alignment with the POAP ethos, or when distribution presents too high a risk and compromise cannot be reached with issuers. If a drop is rejected, issuers are notified via email within 48 hours.
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