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Commercial Use Policy

The purpose of a drop is important, and the POAP Curation Body applies different standards to precious digital collectibles created for personal use and those minted for commercial use. POAP Inc subsidizes all POAPs intended for personal use. At the discretion of the POAP Curation Body, POAPs intended for commercial use may be charged a fee.
While smaller and IRL drops categorized as commercial use will continue to be subsidized, larger and/or online commercial drops will require payment.
A POAP that enriches the collector’s life and aligns with personal/historical interests is typically associated with personal use. On the other hand, a POAP that promotes brand awareness or primarily serves the issuer’s interests, or is transactional in nature, is typically associated with commercial use.
The following guidelines can help determine whether your drop falls under personal or commercial use:
Personal Use
Commercial Use
Event Size
<200 attendees
>200 attendees
Small/medium, often private event
Very large, often public, event
Event Budget
$0 or minimal
Some budget allocated for event orchestration
Issuer Demographic
Individual or community
Small business, corporation, or network
Often a member of a small, interconnected group
Often a formal organization with governance
More likely to be first time or infrequent
Often frequent/recurring, sometimes working with BD or an agency
Collector Demographic
Collectors often know each other and/or the issuer directly
Collectors are often fans, employees, or customers of the issuer
Often an emotional connection between issuer and collector
Often a paid relationship dynamic between issuer and collector
Drop Qualities
Often a “surprise to collector” -- they are not anticipating a collectible
Marketing and/or communications by issuer to collector base about planned drop
Often celebrating personal/team achievements, milestones, or experiences
Often entertainment focused, for a corporate/sponsored event, delivered in a larger event context (i.e. booth at a conference), or for a formal launch by a financially backed team
Primarily about commemoration
Actively trying to drive collector engagement or use POAP as an acquisition channel (for completing tasks/surveys, to unlock perks, etc.)
Drop Examples
Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries
Concerts, shows, performances
Friends/family outings
Corporate gatherings/initiatives
Small project milestones
Large product launches
Business and marketing campaigns
"You Met Me" POAPs
Conference booths and activations
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